New Book of Mormon Series 3 | 2024

  • 2024 Exploring the Book of Mormon : Throughout 2024, our BRAND NEW SERIES will feature heroes from the Book of Mormon, following the "Come Follow Me" curriculum. Join us on this faith-filled journey as we explore the great heroes and heroines of the Book of Mormon.
  • New Hero Every Month: Discover a brand-new scripture hero brought to life with beautiful artwork, released every month.
  • Scripture and Facts: Each card contains the scriptures associated with the hero and interesting facts on the back.
  • Spread the Inspiration: Share the joy by receiving extra copies of these collector cards to gift to loved ones.
  • Cancel Anytime : Easy to cancel in your account or send Real Hero Studios an email to cancel.
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New Remember Him Series 3 | 2024

  • 2024 Theme: "The Creator": Each BRAND NEW image depicts Jesus Christ featured with examples of his creations, embodying the theme for the year.
  • Monthly Unveiling: Experience the excitement of brand new, original Jesus Christ artwork revealed every month on 5x7 collector cards, delivered to your door.
  • Share the Love: You may obtain extra copies to share with your loved ones and spread the beauty of these art pieces.
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