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Real Hero | Subscription

Real Hero | Subscription

  • 2024 Exploring the Book of Mormon : Throughout 2024, our BRAND NEW SERIES will feature heroes from the Book of Mormon, following the "Come Follow Me" curriculum. Join us on this faith-filled journey as we explore the great heroes and heroines of the Book of Mormon.
  • New Release every Month: Discover a brand-new scripture hero brought to life with beautiful artwork, released brand new every month!
  • Scripture and Facts: Each card contains the scriptures associated with the hero and interesting facts on the back.
  • Spread the Inspiration: Share the joy by receiving extra copies of these collector cards to gift to loved ones.
  • Cancel Anytime : Easy to Cancel in your account or send Real Hero studios an email to cancel.

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    Subscription FAQ

    Are there really new artworks created every month or are you just sending out old ones?

    We NEVER ship repeats! Brand new artwork is created every month and shipped out to subscribers! We might have similar themes such as Bible or Book of Mormon but the artwork will always be new and fresh to keep Real Heroes interesting and exciting!

    What day of the month are the cards shipped?

    We ship all the brand new subscription cards around the 15th of each month.

    When do I get my first order?

    On the day you subscribe we will ship you the current months card. On the 15th we will then ship you the next month's card.