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Book of Mormon | Poster Set 1

Book of Mormon | Poster Set 1

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Book of Mormon Set 1

Includes 13 Heroes: Abinadi, Ammon, Enos, Nephi's Sorrow, Nephi Hunting, Samuel the Lamanite, Army of Helaman, Lehi, Brother of Jared, Moroni Son of Mormon, Daughters of Ishmael, Captain Moroni (*), and Mothers of the 2000 Warriors(**)

-High quality offset print
-Various sizes
-Coloring pages available
-Great inspirational gift
-Scriptures cited on print

Get the 5x7 size for only $19.95 when you subscribe to any Real Hero Club!

* not included in 24x36 posters
** not included in 2.5x3.5 cards

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