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George Washington | 01 | Art Print

George Washington | 01 | Art Print

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  • Thoughtfully crafted museum-quality prints, perfect for families.
  • Available in various sizes to suit your home's spaces.
  • Immortalizes a pivotal historical moment, sparking intergenerational conversations.
  • Created as lasting symbols of heroism, especially inspiring for younger family members.


Invite George Washington's unwavering spirit into your family's surroundings with our fine art prints. Capturing his bold crossing of the Delaware River in 1776, this event embodies resilience and leadership. Display these prints to weave history into your family's story.

Sizes Available:

  1. 8x12 inches: Ignites curiosity and dialogue.
  2. 16x24 inches: Fits seamlessly in living and family spaces.
  3. 24x36 inches: Immerses in intricate historical details.
  4. 40x60 inches: Makes a grand statement about our nation's origins.

Note: Print colors may slightly differ. Crafted to inspire moms, grandmas, and their cherished ones.

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