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Daughters of Ishmael | Poster

Daughters of Ishmael | Poster

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Daughters of Ishmael | Book of Mormon Set 3

The daughters of Ishmael, featured in the Book of Mormon, were courageous women who accompanied their family on the journey led by the prophet Lehi. Amidst the challenges of wilderness travel, these daughters displayed resilience, faith, and unity. Their presence enriched the journey, providing companionship, support, and strength to their family and fellow travelers. The daughters of Ishmael exemplify the qualities of determination, loyalty, and faithfulness in the face of adversity. Celebrate the inspiring legacy of these remarkable women with our poster, available in three sizes: 11x17, 16x24, and 24x36. Display this tribute to the daughters of Ishmael in your home, honoring their contributions to the sacred journey recounted in the Book of Mormon.

-High quality  print and thick paper
-Great inspirational gift
-Scriptures cited on print

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