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Lehi 02 | Poster

Lehi 02 | Poster

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Lehi holds the Liahona | Book of Mormon Set 3

The poster portrays Lehi, a revered prophet from the Book of Mormon, holding the sacred Liahona. As a symbol of divine guidance, the Liahona played a crucial role in Lehi's journey through the wilderness. This instrument, provided by God, directed Lehi's path and served as a tangible manifestation of the Lord's blessings and guidance. Lehi's faithful stewardship of the Liahona exemplifies his unwavering trust in God and his willingness to follow divine direction. Display this captivating image of Lehi with the Liahona in your home, available in three sizes: 11x17, 16x24, and 24x36. Let it serve as a visual reminder of the importance of relying on God's guidance in our own life's journey, inspiring faith and determination in all who behold it.

-High quality  print and thick paper
-Great inspirational gift
-Scriptures cited on print

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