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Peace in Christ

Peace in Christ

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Artist's Interpretation

As I pondered and prayed on this youth theme scripture, it became clear that I would need symbolism to portray the meaning of this powerful scripture. I wanted the young woman to 'feel' Christ like we all do - without having to actually see Him.  I wanted the image to be peaceful and bright while showing the contrast of a spiritually desolate world with storms and trials always on the horizon.  The sun flowers and the sun in the sky create the warmth, peace and light that represent the “Son” of God.  I wanted the young woman to be at peace as she walks with Christ. Above all, I wanted to show that we can all have Peace in Christ not only in good times, but especially during the the challenges that surround us in this mortal existence. Truly, Jesus Christ is our refuge of peace in an often threatening and dark world.

-Artist Steve Nethercott




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