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George Washington | 01 | Canvas

George Washington | 01 | Canvas

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Relive a daring moment in history with our canvas wall hanging showcasing George Washington's audacious crossing of the Delaware River in December 1776. This pivotal event, during the Revolutionary War, exemplifies Washington's leadership and the soldiers' resilience. It marked a turning point, boosting morale and underscoring the pursuit of freedom.


  • Museum-quality reproduction with vivid inks.
  • Stretched canvas with hanging hardware.
  • Ideal for history and art enthusiasts.
  • Captures a pivotal, inspiring moment.

Sizes Available:

  1. 40x60 inches: Grand and impressive.
  2. 24x36 inches: Balanced size for various spaces.
  3. 16x24 inches: Perfect for smaller spaces.

    Note: Actual colors may vary slightly.

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