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Youth Theme 2024 | 04

Youth Theme 2024 | 04

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Introducing our "I am a Disciple of Jesus Christ" 2024 youth theme collection, where each artwork vividly portrays a youth holding a torch, symbolizing not only the radiant light of Jesus Christ within but also the youth being the light of Christ to others in a darkening world. Inspired by 3 Nephi 5:13 in the Book of Mormon, these posters, available in three sizes (11x17, 16x24, 24x36), go beyond mere decoration—they inspire discipleship and illuminate the path for others

Collection Highlights:

Diverse Expressions: Each poster offers a unique perspective on discipleship, reflecting the youth as a beacon of light in a darkened world.

Symbolic Torch: Consistently present in each artwork, the torch symbolizes not only Christ's light within but also the responsibility to be a light to others

Size Options: Choose from 11x17, 16x24, or 24x36 to fit any space or combine sizes for a dynamic visual displa

Perfect Gifts: These posters make meaningful gifts, encouraging youth to embrace their role as lights of Christ in a world that needs illumination. Surround your space with the influence of real heroes—order now and let these posters serve as powerful reminders of discipleship and the enduring light of Jesus Christ in both self and others.

Quantity discounts available: Go to our contact page and email us your group size. We will respond quickly with the discount pricing you can expect.

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